11 June 2006

Today, Sunday, my day off, I am finally catching some glimpes of sunshine and blue sky amongst the still abundant clouds. We have had far more rain than necessary--the okra transplants in the garden are looking very sad and the cucurbits in the greenhouse dearly need the sunshine. I am falling behind with my direct seeding--carrots, radishes, beets, arugula and cresses. We slogged through rain and mud every morning this week to bring produce into Chase's Daily. Sales were largely disappointing, as is often the case the first few weeks of the season. What I don't know is if our customers tend to be more part of the seasonal community or if the locals just take a little while to adjust their habits to buying from us again. It may also be people are not as likely to be excited by a big bunch of fresh mustard greens as they are by tomatoes and lettuce and carrots. I can't help but be excited by the mustards--their pungent flavor mellows with cooking to a delightful earthiness.

I've been reading some of the articles at the eat local foods coalition of Maine web site. I need to learn how to do a link so you could just go there and check it out--some compelling articles about eating locally being the best thing you can do personally for the environment, for your community, etc. Important stuff--eat local, eat your greens everyone . . .


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