14 June 2006

Still light out and it's nearly nine o'clock, worn out but I really want to get this thing going, try to post more often, get some pictures on here, and get some momentum going. All my spinach died over the weekend--too much rain, they drowned--a very sad sight. We are starting to pick a little chard and kale and beet greens this week and probably lettuce too, in a day or so--which is good. The forecast finally looks encouraging--summer seems to be on its way.

I am going to invite my farm workers to contribute to this blog--they have diverse backgrounds and different perspectives to offer. I hope they get into it--it would certainly enrich the content.

Addison (my dad) spent all day today trying to fix the pump in the well. He is largely nonplussed when things break--he is a very good fixer of most things. He called tonight to say he got it going--which is good because it is very challenging to clean things for market without water and made for a stressful morning for me.

I mean to try to post some recipes, not tonight though, all I will say is pasta with sauteed beet greens, garlic and parmigiano-reggiano and a bitter green olive oil is a good way to end the day


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