03 September 2006

Two months since I have managed to write anything about farming or anything else for that matter. August and September comprise the busiest time of my year. This week, safely into October, we had two killing frosts at the farm. We were ready--the squash and pumpkins harvested and bushels of sweet and hot peppers and eggplant and the last of the tomatoes. All in all a good season.

The best tomatoes . . .Black Krim, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Cherokee Purple, Jaune Flammee, Yellow Brandywine, Brandywine and also notable . . . Golden Queen, Ivory Queen, Arkansas Traveller, Rose de Berne, Jubilee, Spear's Tennessee Green, Amish Paste, Speckled Roman, Hungarian Heart, Purple Calabash and some others that I would give mixed reviews but I plan to keep growing . . . Paul Robeson, Persimmon, White Beauty, Eva Purple Ball, Garden Peach, Evergreen, Mark Twain, German Orange Strawberry, Black Plum, Glacier, Kellog's Breakfast, Porter Improved and a few I probably won't grow again . . . Green Zebra, Rutgers, Black, Ruby Gold, Golden Sunray.

The best melons . . . Edonis, Touchdown, Earliqueen, Pulsar, (hybrids) and Annanas d'Amerique, Vert Grimpant, Haogen, Golden Gopher, Eden's Gem, Gris de Rennes, Piel de Sappo, Prescot Fond Blanc. It was a tough year for melons--too cold and wet but still the flavors were amazing and inspiring. The French have the best heirlooms . . . I can't wait to try more next year.

We bought a hoop house kit--30'x96'--to grow heirloom tomatoes and maybe a few melons. The August issue of Travel and Leisure was very complimentary of our heirloom tomatoes and they really seemed to sell well this year. So hopefully, the new hoophouse will ensure an earlier crop and protection from damaging rain storms.

We got a bushhog, too. It sure cleans the place up. For a little while there at the end of August it looked like someone elses farm--way too weed free and tidy. Savor the sweetness of the fall carrots, the greens and turnips, the cold air captured in the chicories, the spinach and arugula. Welcome, fall.


At 12:01 PM, Blogger Winnybee said...

Hello Chase Family
I just happen to see you on a PBS program and had to look you up. Wow what an amazing farm and family driven business you have there. I was in ahhh watching.The local thing is really getting in my blood. I need needed to say i loved the show and working with family is the way to go.It must be wonderful living like that I no a lot of very hard work.
This is a place I would just love to work.I will be coming to visit if i can find freedom on my map.Not sure where it is.I am always saying to people.
If everyone that could or had the land to plant and do farmers markets sell local. Give to food banks when there's just to much. NO ONE would go hungry.So much unused land.Thanks for doing what you do.
Lynn B
Monmouth Maine


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